Woman fired because boss couldn't trust her 'pregnancy brain'

Woman fired because boss couldn't trust her 'pregnancy brain'
For rural mothers, pregnancy and childbirth pose extra challenges
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A PR executive at the company Press Hook was fired after her boss claimed that she "could not be trusted" because of her "pregnancy brain".

Rachann McKnight, 37, launched a legal battle after her boss' comments and termination from her $120,000 a year job in New York City, alleging that the boss even warned others in the company not to get pregnant.

McKnight's boss, Songy, also 37, denies the claims and has assembled a legal team to defend her.

Songy claims that McKnight received praise often after joining the company in 2021, but things began going downhill after McKnight fell pregnant. The legal battle revealed that Songy has a "look of horror" after McKnight shared that she was expecting.

Asked about the maternity leave policy, Songy told McKnight that "we wanted to provide employees with the bare minimum time off required by law", which in America is 12 weeks.

McKnight shared that during her pregnancy she suffered from extreme sickness, a condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum, which Sogny was allegedly not approving or accepting of.

Due to this sickness, McKnight left a work trip early, claiming Songy said: "only come [on work trips] when you're fun and you can drink."

Other allegations brought against Songy, include telling coworkers of McKnight's pregnancy without her consent and accusing McKnight of booking too many doctors appointments.

Alluding to McKnight's maternity leave, Songy said: "[You] cost too much for someone who was going on a three-month vacation."

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