Airport worker fired for slipping 'you ugly' note to passenger

Airport worker fired for slipping 'you ugly' note to passenger

A security screener at an airport in New York has been sacked for slipping a note to a passenger reading “you ugly”.

Neal Strassner was going through a security checkpoint at Greater Rochester International Airport in June when he was handed the note. He explained that he had recently obtained security footage through the Freedom of Information Act:

I called the airport and I tried to get the information and they said I had to talk to the county. I called the county, and they said that was the only way I could get it.

Strassner tracked down the security company based in Virginia and they promised to contact him about the incident by 13th August. After hearing nothing, the man in question decided to take matters into his own hands and utilise the Freedom of Information Act. The video was posted to Reddit and the employee was swiftly fired.

The moral of the story is that you probably shouldn’t hand people offensive notes unless you’re a baddie in an American teen movie, especially if the sentiments are cribbed from Daphne and Celeste. It won’t end well.

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