indy100 doesn't want to sound melodramatic but this might be the end of the Republic.

We jest. But there's also some concerning points to be made.

The president is 118 days into his first term, and already mired in scandal.

  • His first National Security Advisor resigned after lying to the Vice President about his meetings with Russian officials.
  • He may have obstructed justice by firing the FBI Director investigating the Russia-campaign ties.
  • He claimed to have shown Russian officials classified military documents.

Members of the President's own party in Congress are now starting to line up against him.

This has happened before, when the recording to President Trump bragging to Billy Bush about grabbing women 'right in the p*ssy' was released.

House and Senate Republicans appear to be going where the tide is heading, and where their voter base is. The entire House and a third of the Senate have to get re-elected in less than 18 months time.

It's worth pointing out that they left him before, and they came back. Tides are cyclical after all.

Summing up their current mood, one anonymous staffer supposedly compared their predicament under this President, to an early Quentin Tarantino blood and curse filled shoot 'em up.

Molly Ball, a political writer at The Atlantic quoted a Republican House staffer as predicting:

This is like Reservoir Dogs. Everyone ends up dead on the floor.

Whether or not this is true, it fits.

indy100 can cut to live scenes of the US Constitution:

In the words of Mr Pink:

Come on guys. Nobody wants this. We're supposed to be f***ing professionals.

Before you whine about spoilers, this movie is older than most of the people reading this website.

Everyone dies in Hamlet too. SAD!

HT The Atlantic

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