7 priests walk into a bar - and get involved in an embarrassing mix-up

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Wednesday 02 August 2017 08:30
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A group of priests in training were asked to leave a pub in Cardiff on Saturday.

The seven fathers were mistaken for a stag do in fancy dress.

The group were apparently out celebrating Father Peter McClaren's ordination in the nearby Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral.

Their journey to Seshlehem was interrupted, and they were reportedly were asked to leave the quiet pub.

Father Michael Doyle, who was not present, told Wales Online:

They arrived at The City Arms and they were dressed wearing the clerical collar,

The doorman basically said something along the lines of, 'sorry gents, we have a policy of no fancy dress and no stag dos'.

Luckily, another person, whom they assume was the manager, intervened. A member of the group told Wales Online:

[A gentleman] reassured us that he did accept who they claimed to be and subsequently invited us back in. By way of apology, he then very graciously provided us with a round of drinks, at which point the group decided to stay, provoking an outburst of applause from the locals casually enjoying a pint.

The group continued to draw some attention from attendees, presumably for the glee at seeing the cloth sip a pint.

Doyle told the to Press Association

He invited them back in and when they walked back in the entire pub burst into a round of applause, and they had a free round off the City Arms,

The glee was further fermented when it was discovered one of the reverends was called 'Reverend James', a popular ale sold in the pub made by Brains.

Matt Morgan, the assistant manager of the City Arms was quoted by PA as saying:

At first one of our staff members thought the group were a stag party in fancy dress and suggested they might want to try another pub, as we generally have a quieter crowd of drinkers than others nearby,

When we realised our mistake we quickly apologised to the priests and thankfully they were all great sports and saw the funny side of the situation.

It's not every day you have a group of priests drinking in the pub and they would be welcome back any time.

The priests and the Archdiocese of Cardiff thanked the City Arms for their hospitality.

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