Backlash after ‘snobs’ mock shoppers queuing up for Primark – here are some of the best replies

England Businesses Re-Open As Coronavirus Restrictions Ease

People queuing outside Primark in Brighton as retail reopens

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As some Covid restrictions were eased today, many were excited about returning to the high street as non-essential shops such as bookshops and clothing stores flung open their doors for the first time since January.

In similar scenes to last year when lockdown was eased, some shoppers queued outside their favourite shops ahead of the planned reopenings.

Covering the easing of curbs, Good Morning Britain correspondent Kate Hemingway tweeted images of shoppers standing in a line outside a Primark in Liverpool.

There were also similar scenes in cities across the country, including in Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff and London, which were shared widely online.

But Hemingway’s image sparked a huge debate after some took it upon themselves to mock those waiting in line for the store to open:

These replies were, on the whole, not well-received and other Twitter users jumped to the shoppers’ defence and accused the critics of being snobs. Primark was soon trending on Twitter as people discussed the pictures.

Here are some of the best replies:

Others pointed out that queuing for shops such as Primark is really no different to lining up outside a pub or hairdressers – which many have done today – or, infact, many of the other high street shops that also had queues:

Someone also pointed out that it might be due to social distancing that some queues looked even bigger than they probably were.

Lockdown easing means something different to everyone. Some are excited about the pub, others want to browse shops and many won’t do anything differently at all. We don’t see anything wrong with any of that.

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