Prince Charles, has warned that the planet is “in crisis” and that it will be “done for” if we do not deal with the “monumental challenge” of climate change.

Writing for MailOnline, Charles referenced the recent fires in Greece, Turkey and Italy, describing the scenes as “heartbreaking” and “devastating”.

“I have lost count of the number of weather-related disasters that have hit so many countries across the Commonwealth and beyond. I have depressing memories of seeing at first-hand the devastation in the Caribbean in 2017 after it was struck by two Category Five hurricanes in the same week.

“Now we see Haiti battered by Tropical Storm Grace, compounding the devastation caused by the earthquake which tragically claimed so many lives.

“The fires, floods and the increasingly severe droughts that have affected Australia make it very clear indeed: Our planet is in crisis and, no matter where you are, no country is immune,” he said.

The royal went on to mention the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on the crisis, which said that it is “more likely than not” that the world’s temperature will increase by 1.5C sometime in the next 20 years, as well as the upcoming COP26 conference taking place in November.

“We have been in the ‘last chance saloon’ for too long already, so if we do not confront the monumental challenge head on – and fast – we and the world as we know it will be done for,” Charles added.

Once the article was shared online, some praised the prince’s intervention:

Others, meanwhile, roasted Charles and his comments, given his past actions:

With Charles next in line for the throne, we could well see the prince talking more about climate change in the future.

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