Prince William thinks that Britain is "at its best when we're in a crisis" and people don't exactly agree.

The Duke of Cambridge has been video calling charities who have received money from the National Emergencies Trust because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking to Jacky Crawford from the Moorlands Community Charity in Yorkshire, he said:

I think Britain is at its best, weirdly, when we're in a crisis. We all pull together and that community spirit and community feel comes rushing back quicker than anything else.

Isn't this the same UK that panicked when we were running low on fast food?

The Prince has been hit with the full force of British sarcasm.

And yes, this is the same man who said coronavirus was being "a little hyped up" by the media.

People are pointing out that the severity of the situation might be a little lost on him.

And taking issue with his apparent faith in the British "wartime spirit".

Because whatever you think about how Britain have dealt with this crisis, things aren't exactly great right now.

But we'll be sure to think of the "community spirit" next time we try to buy loo roll or pasta.

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