The city of Bristol was witness to violent scenes on Sunday evening when a riot broke out at what was supposed to be a peaceful ‘Kill the Bill’ protest.

The event was against the controversial new police, crime, sentencing and courts bill which was voted through the Commons last week.

The bill, if brought into power, could prevent the public’s right to a peaceful protest if the police deem it to be a “serious public disorder, serious damage to property or serious disruption to the life of the community.”

In response to the disorder, which left 20 police officers injured and was reportedly ‘hijacked by extremists’ many ministers and officials have condemned what happened. Prime minister Boris Johnson called the scenes “absolutely unacceptable” and that the violence showed towards the police “will not be tolerated.”

Home secretary Priti Patel, the architect of the bill, echoed these words on Twitter.

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However, in further proof that the British public can make a joke out of almost anything, the first line of Patel’s response (’Unacceptable scenes in Bristol’) has become an instant meme with many using it to name other unacceptable things that they have seen in Bristol.

The popular mid-00s teen drama Skins, which was set in Bristol, experienced more mentions on Twitter than since it went off the air in 2013.

In remains to be seen what action will be taken against those involved in the disturbances on Sunday, which also saw two police vans set on fire and protesters attempt to smash the windows of a police station.

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