A pro-Brexit group has blamed Remainers for the UK leaving the EU and 'the mess it will surely be'

A pro-Brexit group has inadvertently found itself trending on Twitter after blaming 'Remainers' for leaving the European Union.

In a case that shows that no one will ever be truly happy with Brexit, the Leave Alliance which is a group that believes that the UK should have never joined the EU in 1973, tweeted that they are now sceptical of Brexit and "the mess it will surely be" before pointing the finger at the Tory party, who was the driving political force in supporting leave and Remain voters, who *checks notes* wanted to remain in Europe all along.

This slightly confusing tweet didn't exactly go down well with 'Remain Twitter', who bombarded The Leave Alliance's notifications to point out that Remainers weren't really the group that should be held responsible for Brexit.

Especially considering the Tories could have completed it without holding a needless general election in 2017 and significantly reducing their majority, plunging parliament into years of discontent.

It's hardly Remainers' faults that Theresa May's withdrawal agreement failed at every single hurdle before Boris Johnson managed to get it through (but not really because the UK is still under EU law until 2021).

However, rather than take it on the chin, The Leave Alliance, which does not support Boris Johnson and would prefer if the UK joined the European Free Trade Association like Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, has fired back at the criticism.

Leave Alliance also added:

Lost of hate in the notifications today – but TLA was always prepared to back a compromise plan, and supported Stephen Kinnock's efforts to join Efta. Remainers had at least three windows of opportunity. They refused to compromise or respect the vote. Now suck up the consequences.
Originally posted in early 2016, we said, unequivocally, that the UK could not survive as a trading nation by relying on the WTO Option. It would be an unmitigated disaster, and no responsible government should allow it. 'The option should be rejected'.
Remainers always like to paint our Brexit critical threads as some kind of damascene conversion when we've been pretty consistent throughout. There are plenty of good reasons to vote for Brexit but "free trade" is not one of them.

The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 and is now in a negotiation period with the European Union where they can establish a trade deal that is yet to be agreed with the government adding that they won't be extending this period in order to get a deal.

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