This video proves that people actually can't tell the difference between wines at all

This video proves that people actually can't tell the difference between wines at all

It's not as simple as white and red: there's an entire language invented to talk about wine, like body, and scent, and aficionados will use zesty and earthy and unctuous as taste descriptions.

So what happens when YouTube duo AsapTHOUGHT gets people to taste wine, but mix up the expensive one and the cheap knock-off that usually hangs out at the discounted section in Lidl?

It turns out your posh uncle probably doesn't know what he's talking about.

In the first test, the participants were given a glass of expensive white wine (Bourgogne Chardonnay) and a glass of cheap white wine (Santa Carolina).

They described the expensive wine (not knowing it was the expensive one) in a variety of colourful ways:

It tastes kind of cheap


It’s really bad


Smells more like pee

Which one is the expensive one?


...they're not off to a great start, are they?

When it was established that they didn't know the difference between cheap wine and pricey wine they tried to make the second test easier.

Ok, so can they tell the difference between white wine and red wine?

Red food colouring was used to change the colour of white wine, and participants were asked to identify the 'expensive red wine.'

Surely it's easier now: which one is the expensive one?

One said:

That one is so smooth after the white


Smells like normal red wine


I would guess a Pinot Noir

And when they were told it was actually white wine?

She's completely lost her mind:

So has she...

Ok, fine. If we pour the same wine into two different glasses, they'd be able to tell, right?

This smells like its older, sad cousin

It's. The. Same. Wine.

I feel like the one that’s in front of me might be a little bit more potent

It's the SAME wine...

This looks lighter than that to me


One participant summed it up perfectly:

I feel like such a fool after all the things I’ve said.

Well, you should.

So the next time you're with someone who takes takes a delicate sniff of the house red, and describes it as a "fleshy tart bouquet with hints of nutty zest", you can safely tell them to do one.

Here's the entire video:

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