Proud Boys tried to troll Antifa by writing on their backsides but it backfired spectacularly

The Proud Boys have been raising eyebrows once again with an unsightly protest statement.

The far-right group assembled in Washington DC this weekend in protest of the election results, despite the fact that there has been no election fraud.

In a video shared on Twitter, a group of men lift their yellow kilts to expose the message “F*** ANTIFA” written on their backsides.

While the group of men are ostensibly trying to target Antifa, the stunt has backfired in spectacular fashion. After the video went viral, many pointed out that it can be interpreted as a request for sexual intercourse.

Others realised the logistics behind the display. “Just so we're clear, these morons spent the morning writing on each other’s asses,” one incredulous user tweeted.

I could have lived happily the rest of my entire life without seeing that,” another horrified person responded.

Well, that’s one way to own the libs.

Suffice to say, the situation was ripe for jokes.

Tensions escalated on Sunday, with TheWashington Post reporting that white nationalists groups were roaming the streets “looking to fight”. Almost three dozen people were arrested, including one for possession of a weapon connected to one of four stabbings that occurred.  

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