People are finding out they can go to the pub from 6am tomorrow and they're not impressed

Tomorrow is a big day for England.

It’s the government’s much-touted ‘Super Saturday’, which will see businesses like pubs, restaurants and salons reopen, with new restrictions in place.

Most of the government’s messaging has focused on the return of the pub, perhaps in the hope that if everyone’s sloshed, they won’t be able to point out the strange contradictions in the new guidelines.

Such as the fact that two separate households can see each other – but only if they haven’t been in contact with another household. They also can’t hug.

Yet complete strangers can pack into a cramped room and share toilets?

Make it make sense.

And with the latest announcement from 10 Downing Street that pubs can open from 6am tomorrow (caveat: most won’t, due to licencing laws, but the intent is there), people have begun to highlight more confusing aspects of the latest in a long line of apparently conflicting Covid-19 policy.

Former England cricketer Michael Vaughan tweeted his bafflement at being allowed to go to the pub while outdoor sports like cricket are still officially banned.

Author James Felton also made a handy list of what was permitted to be “safe” by the government (going to Greece, hightailing to Durham) vs what is not (live performances in the theatres).

The comparison certainly raised a few questions.

Which were compounded further by tweets from parents expressing their disappointment at not being able to attend a five-person graduation for their children, while crowds of people are being encouraged to head down to their local boozer.

The plight of theatres – many of which are facing bankruptcy – came up again.

Meanwhile schools are still open in a limited capacity only.

And weddings are limited to 30 people, with advice given for couples to not have food, drink or singing at the occasion. Despite pubs being able to serve pints in-house.

The Daily Mirror’s associate editor also pointed out that in parliament, not even the rules handed out to pubs elsewhere would apply.

Pubs open, a nation torn between anger and the desire to return to normality and absolutely nothing else to do?

Well, it certainly looks like it’ll be a Saturday to remember alright…

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