People are being mercilessly mocked for actually going to the pub at 6am

There are certain things in life that will always be true: Italians will always make the best pasta, Finland will be the best at most things and America, well, their president will always be the most orange.

But when it comes to national stereotypes, the British love for pubs is up there with the hardest to shake. And this morning, during a deadly pandemic, people have actually gone to the pub at 6am on a grey July morning hoping for their first pulled pint in months.

The government’s decision to reopen pubs in England hasn’t gone without criticism – not least because places like Florida shut all their bars again after a “second wave”, which was traced to Covid-19 spreading there. It also seems like a strange idea to open pubs at 6am, given the amount of alcohol that could be consumed and the impact that might have on communities and emergency services.

But if we’ve learned one thing by now it’s that the government isn’t exactly bothered about what “seems” like the sensible thing to do, or what experts say is “high risk”, otherwise Dominic Cummings wouldn’t still have a job.

On social media, people have been posting photos of their early morning pub trips.

Ah, underwhelming pint pictures, how we’ve missed you...

But, to be honest, most people have just been judging the people turning up at the pub at 6am.

Is it really worth risking your health for an early morning pint? The general vibe on that question seems to be: no.

Lockdown has changed our lives in lots of ways: we’ve taken up new hobbies, learned to Zoom our friends and relatives and, yes, most of us have drank a liiiiiiiiittle bit more at home.

It’s definitely important to support the hospitality industry where we can and the (mostly low paid) people who work in it. But despite the prime minister saying it's out "patriotic duty" to go to the pub, just 7 per cent of people saying they’d actually be visiting one this “super Saturday.

It seems people aren’t so keen on the pub reopening just yet. And sadly, from a health perspective, maybe that's wise?

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