QAnon followers now actually think that Trump will be president again on 4th March

QAnon followers now actually think that Trump will be president again on 4th March
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Donald Trump could be back in the White House sooner than anticipated when he is sworn in as the ‘19th president’ on 4th March - at least that’s what you might believe if you follow QAnon.

The notorious Q conspiracy theory and its followers are refusing to go away, despite nothing that the shadowy Q figure has ever said coming true. Although those who believe in the conspiracy were left despondent after Joe Biden was sworn into office on 20th January some have now found a new reason to be optimistic.

Social media sites like TikTok (which is attempting to stop the spread of Q content) and messaging services like Gab and Telegram have started to see hashtags such as #19thpresident and #march4th become more prevalent in recent days thanks to an obscure fringe belief that an act signed in 1871 secretly turned the US into a corporation and no longer a country that was governed by officials. 

It gets stranger - they also believe that Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was president between 1933 and 1945, also sold out US citizens in 1933 to a group of mysterious foreign figures. 

Somehow, someway, the US will reverse all these ‘laws’ on 4th March and Trump will become the 19th president on the same day which was the inauguration date before the 20th amendment was passed in 1933. Ulysses S. Grant was the 18th president who served when the country supposedly became a corporation.  

Confused? You’re not the only one.

This theory has reportedly been built on a belief promoted by the notorious sovereign citizens movement, a group of people who believe that they are not governed by the same rules as everyone else in the United States. Their arguments are apparently based on old pieces of text and has seen them classed as a major extremist threat in the US.

Speaking to Vice News, Travis View, an expert in conspiracy theories, “There was some crossover between QAnon and the sovereign citizen movement before, but I've seen sovereign citizen ideas about the United States being a ‘corporation’ become more popular within QAnon and beyond in January.” He added that is was “concerning” that QAnon was now borrowing ideas from even more extreme groups.

Aoife Gallagher of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue told Rolling Stone, “The sovereign citizen movement is inherently anti-government and pushing these theories only furthers the belief within the QAnon community of a ‘deep state’ secretly controlling the world and could certainly push people further down the extremism rabbit hole.”

The likelihood of any of this happening and Trump returning to the White House in just a few weeks is a near impossibility but as the Q movement has proven, when one thing doesn’t happen they will soon latch onto another theory.

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