Family of QAnon cultist says daughter has been drinking 'toxic chemical cocktails'

Family of QAnon cultist says daughter has been drinking 'toxic chemical cocktails'

QAnon is almost a catch-all group for all kinds conspiracy theories.

But if you thought you heard it all by now, there’s always another QAnon story that will shock you regardless.

In Dallas, supporters of the cult are now said to be drinking toxic chemicals from a communal punch bowl.

The family of a woman who aligns herself with QAnon told the Dallas Observer that she has been serving a mixture that contains chlorine dioxide before distrIbuting it among the group. Chlorine dioxide is mainly used as bleach.

“She was proud to tell us that she was the one mixing it up and giving it to everybody,” one of her relatives told the Dallas Observer.

Just last month, the woman in question allegedly abandoned her husband and children in Delaware to follow QAnon leader Michael Brian Protzman to Dallas, according to the Leek family.

The woman is also a firm anti-vaxxer.

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“She’s always been into, you know, natural remedies, getting aluminum out of deodorant, things like that,” Leek said, adding: “But that led to anti-vaxxing, and anti-vaxxing led to QAnon.”

Although not specified, it’s easy to assume that one possible reason why the woman was passing around the elixir was to combat Covid-19.

The Daily Beast called the drink a “terrifying chemical cocktail”

Despite relentless conspiracy theorists, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration notes that chlorine dioxide has “not been shown to be safe and effective for any use, including COVID-19, but these products continue to be sold as a remedy for treating autism, cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and flu, among other conditions, despite their harmful effects.”

Additionally, ingestion can lead to detrimental effects such as respiratory failure, abnormal heart rhythms, life-threateningly low blood pressure, acute liver failure, and the rapid destruction of red blood cells.

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