Believe it or not, there are people who are still devoutly following the QAnon conspiracy theory despite none of the predictions ever coming true.

The latest head-scathingly bizarre moment from the cult group of Trump supporters came on Tuesday when a small crowd gathered in Dallas, Texas in the completely misguided belief that John F Kennedy and John F Kennedy Jr – both of whom have been dead for several decades now – were going to come back from the dead and declare Trump president.

Spoilers: This didn’t happen and even if the Kennedy’s were going to come back from the dead we can’t imagine that they would be big Trump fans as both were Democrats.

As you can imagine the QAnon supporters were pretty upset about this but soon moved on to the belief that the two men were going to be resurrected at a Rolling Stones concert happening in the city that night. Once again: this didn’t happen.

QAnon emerged quite soon into Trump’s reign as president and claimed to be someone within the government who was exposing deep state conspiracies to undermine Trump. Many of the ‘drops’ that the mysterious figure has posted on the internet over the years have almost never come true and, despite Q not posting anything online since Joe Biden became president, followers of the conspiracy are still, evidently, rampant.

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The bizarre devotion to a figure who clearly doesn’t exist and its just spreading nonsense got late-night TV show host Jimmy Kimmel thinking about why these people are willing to believe lies.

As part of his opening monologue on Wednesday night’s edition of his show, Kimmel played a clip from a QAnon YouTuber called Mike Penny who admitted that a lot of the stuff that they had been told hadn’t come true at all. Kimmel quipped: “Told by who? Q? How many times does Q have to be wrong before they realize he’s just making stuff up? They don’t even know who he is.”

Kimmel then joked: “Maybe I’m Q. If I was this is exactly how I would do it.”

Watch Kimmel’s monologue in the video below.

We doubt Kimmel’s question will actually change any QAnon followers’ minds – after all these are people who claimed to have witnessed actor Robin Williams and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt return from the dead on Tuesday night.

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