QAnon group saddened that JFK Jr - dead for two decades - did not appear in Dallas on Tuesday

A rump of QAnon followers who traveled to Dallas from across the country were left disappointed on Tuesday, when John F Kennedy - who’s been dead for 58 years - did not appear.

Hundreds of fringe activists gathered at JFK’s assassination site at Dealey Plaza, for what they believed would be the re-appearance of the former president, and his late son John F Kennedy Jr.

Neither arrived.

Undeterred, the QAnon faithful pivoted, with some insisting that the Kennedys and a host of other long-dead stars would appear later that day at a Rolling Stones concert in the city.

“Rolling Stones?” said the host of one livestream monitoring the event. “Rolling away the stone!”

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The group that gathered in Dallas are, to be fair, too extreme for some of QAnon’s leading figures, some of whom believe the rump is part of a scheme meant to discredit the true faithful.

But one year since ‘Q’ last posted online, the fact that hundreds would travel to Dallas from far-flung coastal cities shows the movement’s enduring appeal.

Some QAnon believers believe JFK Jr fakes his 1999 plane-crash death, and is planning a political comeback.

In this instance, they thought he’d help shepherd in a second Donald Trump term, taking the role of Vice President.

Various Telegram channels, along with other encrypted back-channels, saw chatter from people claiming they met deceased celebrities in disguise, including Robin Williams and Richard Pryor.

One woman thought she was about to see Kobe Bryant.

As 12.30pm central time approached - the time of JFK assassination - the crowd at Dealey Plaza chanted ‘God Bless America’.

When the big names didn’t appear - the crowd disappeared.

This story is developing and will be updated if a delayed JFK does appear.

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