QAnon have a bizarre new conspiracy about Nancy Pelosi and Bob Saget

QAnon have a bizarre new conspiracy about Nancy Pelosi and Bob Saget
QAnon believers think this Nancy Pelosi video contains secret messages
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QAnon followers have a new conspiracy involving House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the late actor Bob Saget.

It comes as some followers from the cult believe a recent video from Pelosi - in which she announces her intention to once again run for Congress - is full of secret messages.

In the clip, Pelosi speaks in front of a green screen showing an image of the “painted ladies”, an iconic row of houses that frequently features in San Francisco postcards and stock footage.

The row of houses also features in the intro of the 1990s sitcom Full House, which recently deceased actor Saget starred in.

Given Pelosi’s video features the row of houses and the recent death of Saget, some QAnon followers believe there is a secret message to be deciphered, SFGate reports.

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Posting to a popular QAnon forum, one user wrote: “Using the 'Painted Ladies' the background this close to Saget’s death makes me think it’s comms [communications]. There are plenty of other iconic SF backgrounds that could be used. 95 per cent of the pop couldn’t tell you where those houses are. Not that common. [sic]"

Another remarked that “it may very well tie-in” with Saget.

Others agreed, but despite the theories flying around, no one was able to make a coherent link between the politician and the late comedian.

In the video, Pelosi spoke about how the three most important issues facing Congress are “our children, our children, our children”.

Because QAnon followers believe Democrats are cannibalistic paedophiles, some took Pelosi’s comments on children to mean she possibly wants to stay in Congress to, errr...'continue harvesting an imaginary life essence from babies', SFGate’s Katie Dowd wrote.

Although QAnon theories may appear so outlandish one might think they're easy to dismiss, they’re more prevalent than we’d perhaps like to think.

Frighteningly, Media Matters' QAnon tracker found that at least 52 current or former members of Congress have expressed support for QAnon in the past, including Representatives Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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