QAnon conspiracy theorist believes that if everyone catches Omicron then the pandemic will end

QAnon conspiracy theorist believes that if everyone catches Omicron then the pandemic will end

The Omicron variant that emerged over the last few months has proved to be more contagious than previous Covid-19 mutations.

As Omicron makes its way across the United States, more and more people are succumbing to the virus—with cases rising across the country. Although this newest variant is believed to be a milder form than previous ones, its level of contagiousness has landed many people in the hospital.

Despite the increasing number of cases, which the New York Timesreported this week that the seven-day average of cases reached more than 267,000, fewer people are experiencing severe symptoms that could result in death—and that’s thanks to the current rounds of Covid-19 vaccinations available.

Vaccines work, and there’s proof in numbers. However, QAnon has suggested there’s an alternative solution to make the pandemic finally end, and it comprises of everyone contracting the virus.

The extremist conspiracy theorists are once again echoing talk of “herd immunity” we have continued to hear from right-wingers since the pandemic began.

“Will the pandemic end if everyone gets antibodies from omicron?” QAnon conspiracy theorist Ron Watkins hypothesized on Telegram, per Daily Dot. “Now you know why they rushed to shut down the spread of omicron even though the symptoms are very mild.”

The idea is that if more people get the coronavirus, everyone will gain the necessary antibodies to combat the virus. So if you ask QAnon what the cure is to ending the pandemic it depends on multiple people getting Omicron.

In short, the alt-right group that believes JFK Jr. is alive and postulated that JFK is actually in disguise as Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones believes the only way out is through.

Some theorists even played into the tactic of fear-mongering by suggesting that the pandemic restrictions being implemented to stop the spread are designed to prolong the pandemic.

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