QAnon followers have a new bizarre conspiracy theory about Biden’s plane

QAnon followers have a new bizarre conspiracy theory about Biden’s plane

Joe Biden made his first trip on Air Force One last weekend, awash with conspiracy theorists claiming the trip confirmed their beliefs about his “false” election.

The president made the 25 minute trip to his home state of Delaware “get the rest of the stuff we have to move from our house to the other house”.

QAnon’s latest conspiracy is that Joe Biden has not been elected president because he was flying on a “fake” aeroplane.

Using pictures of Donald Trump taking similar trips, they have concluded that because the design is different, it is part of a continued coverup of Biden’s legitimacy. They have clutched at straws to maintain the belief that Trump is still president, with no signs of stopping.

The images were shared by Charlie Ward and Lucy Davis, two prominent voices within UK QAnon circles.

“THIS is why Americans are waking’s too obvious not to SEE”, said one caption.

Snopes fact-checking services were quick to clarify that a fake Air Force One is in fact impossible.

Fox News also criticised him for flying during the pandemic, despite the activity of a certain former president.

The aeroplanes do look different - why?

The reality of the situation is that the following: the president has more than one ‘Air Force One’ branded plane. Any plane that is used for presidential travel is labelled as such and it has always been that way.

In this case, Joe Biden was just using the model used for shorter trips. There are images and videos of Donald Trump using the same, smaller aircraft.

Google is your friend, QAnon.

But anyway - this trip was the first time Biden has travelled on Air Force One in 20 years, despite his two terms as VP.

He described it as a “great honour”, but conceded he was occupied throughout.

“I didn’t think about it, to tell you the truth. I was reading the paper.”

To be clear - there is no such thing as a fake Air Force One. Or White House. Or whatever theory comes next.

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