Question Time: EU expert perfectly explains why a no-deal Brexit would be so dangerous

Question Time: EU expert perfectly explains why a no-deal Brexit would be so dangerous

Although it can be difficult to sit through an entire episode, Question Time is a great chance to gauge the opinions of the nation outside of the Westminster bubble.

A perfect example of this occurred on Thursday night where audience members in Derby, first applauded the journalist Isabel Oakeshott for suggesting that a no deal is the only option left for Theresa May in her Brexit negotiations.

Just moments later Anand Menon, the director of the Brexit thinktank UK in a Changing EU, made a brilliant point about how bad a no deal would be for the UK and won even more praise for this short explanation.

I think it is very, very important to be clear about a no deal. No deal isn't like buying something. 

It isn't like going to a shop and if you don't find anything you don't like you walk home again. You don't end up back where you started. 

No deal with the European Union means all the laws that govern our interaction with the EU, whether you can fly, whether you can trade, whether you can shop, whether you can travel, cease to exist.

I don't know what people voted for when they voted to leave, the voted for lots of different reasons and they were told by the leave campaign that a deal would be easy and I don't believe all of them voted for no deal.

If you think no deal is fine, that's great but be aware of what it means. It means severe disruption and from the EU's point of view, you are absolutely right, a no deal will hurt the Europeans in Calais, in Belgium, in Amsterdam.

One of the reasons the EU has remained united is that some member states don't trade with us so they've got better things to worry about but no deal will hit is far worse than it will hit them.

The clip has already been viewed over 62,000 times on Twitter and people have been showering praise on Menon for his simple breakdown of what no deal would constitute.

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