We all remember Dominic Raab, right?

The former Brexit secretary who didn't fully understand how reliant the UK is on Dover-Calais trade.

Mr Raab appeared on BBC's Question Time on Thursday night and said:

We have got to get Brexit done and dusted, but we have got to keep our promises.

His comments were in response to host Fiona Bruce, who asked the 44-year-old Tory MP whether he takes any responsibility for the mess of Theresa May's Brexit deal.

He went on to say:

We'll have delivered on what people expected at that referendum.

There's just a couple of problems with this, Raab.

Which promises is he specifically talking about?

People in the UK were promised that negotiating an EU trade deal after Brexit should be the 'easiest in history.'

Or could he be referring to the £350 million promised to the NHS?

Suffice it to say, Raab's blase comments were met with a lot of criticism on social media, with a lot of people making the same point:

With no concrete deal in sight and the Brexit deadline looming overhead, a mere 21 days away, there's growing clamour every day that Brexit might not be the best for our country after all.

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