Man answers quiz question wrong despite having answer on his T-shirt


High street clothes shops have long been full of T-shirts making references to pop culture.

They are great for fans of the films, TV shows or bands featured but there is always going to be that one disappointing person who buys a Ramones shirt who has probably never heard of 'Blitzkrieg Bop' or 'Sheena is a Punk Rocker.'

Spare a thought then for this young man named Alberto, who decided to wear a Captain America T-shirt when in 2017 he appeared on Spanish game show "Ahora Caigo", roughly translated as "Now I Fall".

Alberto probably never in a million years thought a question about Marvel's Avengers would come up on the show, never mind one specifically about Captain America.

Unfortunately for him, it did and he didn't exactly cover himself in glory.

Alberto was asked a question that most people who have seen at least one Avengers movie would be able to answer.

The question was:

What is Steve Rogers in the Avengers? Doctor? Sir? Or Captain?

Regardless of the grammatical problems in that question, it would be difficult for someone who has no idea that Captain America's real name is Steve Rogers.

Surely, someone wearing an actually Captain America T-shirt would know the real name of the character, right?

Sadly not.

Looking utterly clueless, Alberto replied with...


...and immediately realised his error.THost Arturo Valls was quick to point out that the contestant was wearing a t-shirt with the superhero on it thus ensuring that Alberto will live on in Internet infamy forever.

Alberto, Captain Rogers is not impressed.

This article was originally published in 2017.

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