Brexit: Rachel Johnson got naked on Sky News to have her 'voice heard' and everyone lost it

Brexit: Rachel Johnson got naked on Sky News to have her 'voice heard' and everyone lost it

Rachel Johnson - the journalist, tv presenter and sister of Boris - went topless live on Sky News last night so that she could be heard on Brexit.

Johnson - who, unlike her brother, campaigned for Remain - has taken a leaf out of the book of 'The Naked Brexit Protestor' Dr Victoria Bateman, who caused a stir by appearing in the nude on Good Morning Britain earlier this week.

Appearing on The Pledge,a topical panel discussion on Sky News, Johnson paid tribute to Dr Bateman by removing her blouse to the shock of her fellow guests.

As we know, it can be hard to have your voice heard when it comes to Brexit nowadays.

It feels like we’ve hit saturation point. Enter pro-EU campaigner Victoria Bateman who’s come up with a striking way this week to get herself noticed: appearing across the media completely starkers to make various points about Brexit leaving Britain naked.

In tribute to Dr Bateman, I have decided to follow suit... every time we talk about Brexit, just to make sure I get noticed around this table.

Those sitting around the table with Johnson included June Sarpong, Nick Ferrari and Carole Malone, who were all completely shaken by what they had just seen - and so was everyone else watching from home.

There were plenty of obvious comparisons to Boris.

Although the reactions of those in the studio seemed genuine, Johnson has since declared that the stunt wasn't entirely real.

Tweeting after the incident had aired, the 53-year-old revealed that is was actually a hoax and that she was wearing a boob tube.

More Brexit lies. What are we supposed to believe?

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