New movie The Favourite - starring Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone - is currently earning rave reviews from critics and viewers alike.

The film, from Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, tells the story of Queen Anne (Colman) in the 18th century and the intimate relationships she shared with her friend Lady Sarah (Weisz) and a new servant Abigail (Stone).

Colman won a Golden Globe on Sunday for her performance, but created some controversy by stating in her acceptance speech that kissing another woman didn't feel like she was being unfaithful to her husband.

Love scenes with women are much easier. In my head, I wasn’t being unfaithful to my husband.

Kissing a man just feels awful, you feel like you’re being naughty. Kissing a woman is much more (laughs) that sounds naughty too!

It's doubtful that Colman meant anything malicious by this and that her words came out as simply misguided or unconsidered.

However, her co-star Weisz, who is married to James Bond star, Daniel Craig has been providing almost the complete antithesis to this.

During the promotional tour and Disobedience, a film she starred in last year about a lesbian relationship in an Orthodox Jewish community, Weisz spoke confidently and passionately about LGBT+ relationships and filming romantic scenes with other women.

Thanks to a great compilation from Twitter user and film enthusiast @chastaen, aka Nicole, you can see all of these highly empowering and enthusiastic comments from the Oscar-winning actress.

The two-minute video has already been retweeted more than 4,000 times and received more than 17,000 likes, so it's safe to say that people are loving Rachel "giving gays their rights".

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