Cello teacher receives shockingly racist 'thank you' email from student's mother

Joanna Taylor
Sunday 29 December 2019 14:45

A cello teacher has shared the shockingly racist email she received from one of her students' mothers.

The teacher, who signs off as Ms Asif, says she reported the incident to social services after being told a white pupil was leaving her house with an "ethnic stench".

What starts off seeming to be a heartfelt thank you for helping the pupil, Antonio, pass his exams, the message quickly becomes a racist tirade against Ms Asif and Indian culture.

Ms Asif also shared her response to the email in which she schooled Antonio's mother on her racist behaviour and "basic manners".

She goes on to say that she reported the mother to social services because her pupil was showing signs of neglect.

In a separate tweet she alleges that Antonio, aged 9, was sometimes made to skip meals by his parents in order to lose weight.

The thread has gone viral for highlighting the not-so-subtle racist comments BAME people encounter, particularly when it comes to food.

Ms Asif has said that she is yet to receive a response from Antonio's mother.

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