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There are some unconventional goings on at the rather awesome Brooklyn Cat Café.

The café posted a rather adorable video to its Instagram page this week of a rat named Emilie helping to bathe some of the kittens who live at the eatery. Emilie, and another rat, Remy, help out caring for the kittens and have developed quite a bond.

The rats, according to the café – which is run by a non-profit organisation - share snacks with the kittens, and play together.

The whole unlikely combination of rats and kittens started when the café rescued a rat that became “best friends” with one of the felines, who couldn’t have other cat friends due to a virus that was contagious to them.

Said rat was then built his own cage, so he could play with the other kittens.

Here are the pair, whom the cafe named Ebony and Ivory.

Ivory is sadly no longer with us, but the excellent example he gave is being carried on by Emilie, check it out:

And, just FYI, they also have turtles:

What a paradise! Find out more information and help out the organisation right here.

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