If you're still struggling to find 'the one' - bored of the dating pool and desperate to find a level of commitment that can only come from a long term relationship - life can feel a little daunting and disappointing

Fortunately, for singletons out there, there's a plethora of tips and advice from people who have taken the plunge and, to quote Beyoncé, put a ring on it.

They've pooled their collective knowledge on reddit, and we've curated some our favourite wise posts.

Here are the best pieces of advice married men have for their single friends. (Although, most the advice is handy for the rest of us, too.)

1. This is how you know you've found 'the one'

2. This is what you need to look for in a partner

3. How to know you're ready for a relationship

4. How to prioritise

5. How to argue

6. Why you need to be honest

7. Don't rush

8. Don't ignore the niggles

9. And in the meantime...

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