A Republican congressman’s tooth appears to fall out on live TV

A Republican congressman’s tooth appears to fall out on live TV

Think 2020 couldn’t get any stranger?

A Republican congressman appeared to lose a tooth in the middle of a press conference live on TV.

Representative Louie Gohmert paused mid-sentence while a tooth-like object rolled around in his mouth.

He was speaking in opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act, which will include renaming military bases and government buildings which honour Confederate leaders.

The clip has now been slowed down and zoomed-in.

Gohmert later confirmed it was a temporary crown that had come loose in his response to what he dubbed #Crowngate on Twitter and tried to turn the conversation to Hunter Biden’s laptop and baseless claims of voter fraud.

Others reacted to the viral footage on social media with shock.

The Republican representative for Texas previously tested positive for Covid-19 after often refusing to wear a mask.

The New York Times has reported that dental problems may be a consequence of contracting the coronavirus.

But some warned against making a joke out of it.

Gohmert was known for being a favourite of the Tea Party and previously unsuccessfully tried to challenge then Speaker John Boehner for the top job in the House of Representatives.

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