Jon Stewart brilliantly skewers Sarah Palin's 'barely coherent' speech

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Tuesday 27 January 2015 12:30

American conservatives have just held a "Freedom Summit" in Des Moines, Iowa, in which a number of political heavyweights on the right delivered, or at least tried to deliver, speeches to boost their profile in the build-up to the 2016 presidential campaign.

Donald Trump spoke about his plans to build a fence across the US-Mexico border, Ted Cruz did his best Ned Flanders impression and Mike Huckabee delivered possibly the worst interpretation of Otto von Bismarck's sausage/governance analogy ever.

You should never see a law or a sausage made. I have seen both and I still eat sausage...

If you're going to have some sausage, you've got to kill some pigs, and folks, there are a lot of people in America who want the sausage, they just don't want to kill any pigs. We need to do some pig killing... to get to the sausage.

  • Mike Huckabee, (hopefully not) future president of the United States

In an exquisite critique of the summit on last night's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart decided that surely the Republicans "cannot get more entertaining and less electable...".

Enter former governor of Alaska and Republican vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin.

Following a "long, rambling, and at times barely coherent" speech, in which she said her teleprompter broke, Palin twice told reporters that she wants to run again as a vice-presidential candidate (yes, really).

Judging by her speech, which included killer one liners like...

Our president musta missed growing up because this insistence... it's lawlessness of he trying to get his way, it tramples our constitution... from debt... and I want to get into the details of everything.

  • Sarah Palin, (hopefully not) future vice-president of the United States

...she probably won't be getting much support. Watch Jon Stewart's take on her speech below from 5:01 (although the whole thing is definitely worth watching too):

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