Restaurant responds to customer who left fake bad review. She forgot about security footage

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An Irish restaurant has used CCTV to catch out someone who left a bad review, and it's perfect.

This certainly isn't the first time a customer has decided to leave a fake bad review, however it may well be the first time that they've been completely caught in the act.

In a now-viral post on Reddit, a restaurant owner describes how a customer left a bad review after being denied a refund for a meal that they ate in its entirety.

In a turn of events, however, the restaurant had CCTV, and caught the guest red-handed in their attempt at fleecing them.

Taking to Reddit on the ChoosingBeggars thread,Redditor Saolgg wrote:

CB leaves fake bad review after being denied a refund for their meal after eating it in full and the restaurant responds

Well, they definitely got their (drumroll..) JUST DESSERTS!

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