The Rich Kids of Saudi Arabia put all the other rich kids to shame


Instagram is slowly moving away from being a photo sharing platform and morphing into a worldwide one-upmanship competition.

If you prep a meal better than your friends, snap a pic and show off. Or, if you're having the best holiday of a lifetime around the world, a few well framed shots of elephants and picturesque beaches will ensure you're 'winning' in your circle #wishyouwerehere #9to5life

But for us mere mortals, fancy food and the odd trip away is where the bar is set. The rest of our feeds tend to be filled with a cheery pint by the river or an adorable dog you bumped into on public transport.

For the 'Rich Kids' of Instagram however, the competition to be the best like no one ever was is constant - and they have the cash to support their rather enviable lifestyles.

One of the most luxurious accounts from the plethora of 'Rich Kids' profiles out there is the 'Rich Kids if Saudi'.

These young men and women live life like royalty, seemingly without a care in the world.

All the ingredients for a 'Rich Kids of' account are in there, including cars:

Jewellery .

The occasional dab.


And more cars.

On a more serious note however, there are also a number of worrying pictures, including big cats being treated as pets.

And guns... Lots of guns.

Is this really how the other half live?

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