Summer in the UK can be a bit of endurance contest.

Stuffy train carriages and badly ventilated offices are the bane of many people's lives.

The Rich Kids of Instagram however, have got a solution to these problems by simply flying out to Singapore or the south of France in their private jets.

However, their decadent lives do come with some risks.

Rather than potentially getting ill by brushing their teeth with local water one individual had the ingenious idea of using sparkling water instead.

Comments on the post were quick to point that sparkling water will actually rot your teeth and also mocked his cheap £2 toothbrush... But presumably sparkling water has no sugar in it, so we're not sure how they came to that conclusion.

That doesn't stop it from being fairly ridiculous though.

Perhaps he could use champagne instead? This Stormtrooper is clearly enjoying the benefits of the beverage.

How would he eat those grapes without taking off his helmet?

Other rich kids have been swimming with sharks and taking in the skyline of Singapore.

Of course, there is lots of cash and people to spend it...

The Rich Kids of Dubai have it even better.

The only thing they have to worry about are camels potentially damaging their luxury cars.

Russian rich kids are enjoying their excesses too.

So, next time you're stuck on a sweltering platform waiting for a train which might never turn up, spare a thought for the rich kids.

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