Richard Branson wants a second Brexit referendum - this time 'based on real facts'

Richard Branson wants a second Brexit referendum - this time 'based on real facts'

How Britain will leave the EU is still yet to be decided, and debates over a “hard” and “soft” Brexit continues to dominate the political sphere.

What we do know though is that Article 50 will be triggered on the 29 March.

Richard Branson has now weighed in on the issue.

He has expressed fears of a ‘hard Brexit’, saying it would be the “biggest shot in the foot” that the British people could give themselves.

Instead, he is advocating for a second shot at the EU referendum.

I would hope that a second referendum could take place based on real facts and not on the facts that people were given.

The lead up to the EU referendum had been steeped with discord and untruths. The Leave campaign had proposed saving £350m a week, which would go back to the NHS if Britain left the EU. However as soon as the votes were counted, Nigel Farage sang a different tune.

No I can’t [guarantee it], and I would never have made that claim. That was one of the mistakes that I think the Leave campaign made.

In response to Theresa May’s decision, the UK ambassador to Europe warned that Britain will pay a pricey Brexit “divorce bill” after March 29.

Last week Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said that people who fail to fight against a hard Brexit will be a “disappointment” to their children.

What is a hard brexit, exactly?

A hard Brexit will mean the UK will likely give up access to the single market, along with full access of the customs union.


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