Richard Dawkins just destroyed Donald Trump in 12 words

(left) Don Arnold/Getty Images, (right) Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Richard Dawkins has summed up his views on Donald Trump in fewer than 140 characters.

The outspoken author's words came after he watched the first US presidential debate between the main party candidates Trump and his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

The scientist, ethologist and member of the 'Four Horseman' of anti-theists, has regularly used his fame to speak about politics and clericalism in the world.

His most recent foray has been into the US elections.

After watching the presidential debate, Dawkins tweeted that he believed Americans had better judgement than Trump gave them credit for.

He then gave the world his succinct opinion of the each of the candidates. Dawkins reserved four words for Clinton, and had 12 for Trump...

In the past, Dawkins has criticised Trump's policy of banning Muslims from the United States, but also condemned the censorious petition to ban Trump from the UK.

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