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Hollywood legend Richard Dreyfuss is best known for his roles in classic Steven Spielberg films like Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

His acting talents have been passed on to his son Ben, who has began his career on the silver screen. It appears that Ben has a lot to thank his father's films for.

When film magazine Little White Lies asked their followers on Twitter what their favourite Spielberg film was Ben responded with this.

Yet, just like the movies, there was a twist in store for Ben.

Poseidon refers to the 2006 blockbuster that Dreyfuss senior starred in, that wasn't a huge success.

This sparked a very personal and amusing Twitter conversation between the famous father and son.

Tim Herrera of The New York Times then got involved and the hilarity increased.

Gotta love Richard's honesty.

The thread soon went viral and people were loving it.

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