Richard Madeley's interview with climate activist has been spliced with Don't Look Up

Richard Madeley criticised for 'patronising' questioning of Just Stop Oil protester

Richard Madeley's interview with a climate activist on Good Morning Britain has been compared to the satirical film Don't Look Up, and a mashup of the two clips proves life really does imitate art... and not in a good way.

Miranda Whelehan from the Just Stop Oil campaign group appeared on the programme after making headlines for peacefully blocking oil terminals in Essex and explained the reasons behind their protest.

“I don’t think any of us want to be disrupting people’s lives, but given the science and the things the academics are saying about what oil is causing around the world, this is the level of action which needs to be taken when the government is failing on their energy policies and climate pledges," Whelehan said.

However, while Madeley said "many people would agree that we need to wean ourselves off oil," he argued back with Whelehan on the protests and inadvertently recreated the apocalyptic film in the process.

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“But you’d accept, wouldn’t you, that it’s a very complicated discussion to be had, it’s a very complicated thing," he said. “And this ‘Just Stop Oil’ slogan is very playground-ish isn’t it, it’s very Vicky Pollard, quite childish.

″‘Just Stop Oil’, come on, there’s more to say than that isn’t there?”

"The answers are actually very simple – we need to stop new oil licensing,” Whelehan replied.

Richard retorted: “How do the blockades advance that argument?

“They don’t, do they, they simply cause nothing but disruption and you get a negative reaction.”

This clip has since been mashed up by MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan with a particular scene from Don't Look Up when climate scientists Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Kate Dibiaski (Jennifer Lawrence) appear on a daytime show called “The Daily Rip” to urgently warn everyone how the world will be obliterated by an incoming asteroid - but the hosts played by Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry fail to take them seriously.

Instead, the pair joke about wishing the space rock will hit the house of the host's ex-wife to which an angry Dibiaski replied: "I'm sorry are we not being clear? We're trying to tell you that the entire planet is about to be destroyed!"

In each of the clips both Whelehan and Dibiaski sound urgent in their warnings of a catastrophe that eeriely blurs the lines between the film and real life.

The mashup has since received nearly 30,000 likes and people quite can't believe the similarities between the two videos.

Let's hope in real life we listen to the warnings and not follow the movie plot...

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