Don’t look up this phone number unless you’re looking to be directed to “America's hottest hotline.”

Netflix’s newest dark comedy Don't Look Up from writer and director Adam McKay features a star-studded cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, and much more.

The film follows the story of how the world reacts when two astronomers (played by DiCaprio and Lawrence) discover a planet-killing comet headed towards Earth.

At one point in the movie, DiCaprio’s character Dr. Randall Mindy stars in a government PSA advertisement that offers support to the general public and urges the public to call a 1-800 number if they have questions.

"Maybe, just maybe one of our scientists... can be that friend we all need to lean on during uncertain times," Dr. Mindy says during the commercial.

"Call 1-800-532-4500 for peace of mind," he adds.

Well, as it turns out, some viewers called the 1-800 number—and found out that it actually leads to a sex hotline.

No scientists here! Instead, when you call the following voice recorded message can be heard: "Welcome to America's hottest hotline. Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you. Press 1 now. Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys free, press 2 to connect free now."

The hilarious unexpected result has left many on social media laughing out loud.

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One tweet reads, “Just called the FEMA/BASH hotline in Don’t Look Up and was connected to a sex chat hotline. Brilliant.”

“Speaking of DON’T LOOK UP, am I the only one that called the FEMA/Bash hotline and got a phone sex operator?” wrote another.

“P.s. don't call the comet hotline in Don't Look Up cuz it's a sex hotline. Or actually do, whatever,” said one.

“Kudos to you 'Don't Look Up' to having the BASH hotline for their asteroid stress prevention hotline being linked to a Hot Singles in Your Area phone number,” wrote one person.

Whether or not this was an overlooked blunder or intentional is unclear, either way, they certainly got our attention.

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