People are only just realising they have been saying Rihanna's name wrong

Tomato or tomayto? Niche or nitch? Leisure or leezure?

There are plenty of words Brits and Americans pronounce differently, and there’s always an argument over who’s right.

The latest discussion riling up the internet is about how to pronounce the name of one of the world’s biggest musicians.

Rihanna - born Robyn Rihanna Fenty - was promoting her eponymous fashion line in Paris when she set Twitter alight.

Speaking with Vogue about her new luxury Fenty line, Rihanna introduced herself.

And she clearly says Rihanna - REE-ANNA.

But the news came as somewhat of a shock to parts of Twitter, particularly in America where lots of people say REE-AHHN-AH​.

There’s even a Twitter poll going with over 13,000 votes.

Currently it stands at 58 per cent correct, 42 per cent wrong.

Unlike other UK-US differences, there’s no arguing this one. As the legend herself says, its REE-ANNA.

Case closed.

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