It is with great regret I deliver the news to you; another 'dress-like' question has appeared on the internet.

German Facebook page Jodel(an app that lets users find out what’s happening in their local area) uploaded this picture and nobody can tell if it's a wall or a river.

The optical illusion shows a bench in what looks like the aftermath of a party, littered with bottles and leftovers.

In the caption they wrote "We can't be certain. The longer you think, the less clear it is what do you think?" with a photo that reads "is this a wall or a river?"

What do you think?

The picture has divided the internet, with some people claiming it's definitely a river, and others saying they see a wall.

Daniel wrote:

Clearly a wall, the river would be horizontal...if you look at the drinks leftovers in the bottles / glasses should look exactly the same slope as the slope, they're not

Mhemedi wrote:

Quite simply it is a river, there are no shadows on the wall and plants don't grow over the river like that

Other's were just annoyed that the memory of the black-blue-gold-white dress that divided the internet and broke up families was back.

Gustaf wrote:

Schrödinger's wall. As long as you weren't in it you don't know if it's a wall, or a river. Or both

You just don't talk about it, okay?

People on both sides of the debate are 100 per cent certain they're correct.

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