Kim Kardashian calls for investigation into death of Robert Fuller, a young black man who was 'found hanging from a tree'
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A 24-year-old black man named Robert Fuller was found hanging from a tree in Palmdale, California on Wednesday morning, with the tragic news of his death being made public two days later.

Police say the investigation into his death is still ongoing, but that suicide is believed to be the cause at this moment. But given the widespread anti-racist protests sweeping America and the world, demanding an end to racist police brutality, people on social media demanding a thorough investigation.

Now Kim Kardashian has joined the chorus of people demanding that no stone goes unturned in finding the cause for his death. The reality star turned mogul, who is training to be a criminal justice lawyer, tweeted a link to a petition demanding a “thorough and proper investigation.”

YouTuber Marina Preciado also made clear that she thinks the death sounds suspicious, saying:

You’re telling me a black man hung himself in front of the biggest American flag in town, in front of city hall, around the corner from the sheriffs department, across from a fire department, no cameras & ruled it suicide same day? Yea…somethings not right.

According to a press release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), a passer by discovered Fuller’s body hanging from a tree at around 3:30am on Wednesday 10 June. He was pronounced dead a t the scene.

Given that there have been so many high profile deaths of black people where justice hasn’t been served, such as Breonna Taylor, people are calling for an independent autopsy. Taylor was shot eight times by police officers after they entered her home, looking for someone else. The police report labeled her injuries as “none” and no one has been prosecuted for her death.

Police announced that an autopsy would be conducted into Fuller’s death, but scandals like Taylor’s have prompted calls for independent autopsies.

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