If you live in London your job may be safer from robots

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According to a research paper by Oxford University, automation is threatening the occupations of people across a spectrum of professions.

The paper looked at how susceptible jobs are to “computerisation”, with an estimated 47 per cent of jobs in the US at risk.

The researchers write:

Our model predicts that most workers in transportation and logistics occupations, together with the bulk of office and administrative support workers, and labour in production occupations, are at risk. These findings are consistent with recent technological developments documented in the literature. More surprisingly, we find that a substantial share of employment in service occupations, where most US job growth has occurred over the past decades is highly susceptible to computerisation.

The service and labour industries are particularly at risk, and using data from the Labour Force Survey, The Atlas created a graph to show the most 'at risk' regions of the UK:

The area most at risk of automation is Northern Ireland, with 48.5 per cent of jobs set to be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Closely following is the North East, with 47.8 per cent and the West Midlands with 47.3 per cent.

The city with the least jobs projected to become automated is London, with only 39 per cent of jobs in the firing line.

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