Footage has emerged of a Chinese rocket booster crash-landing and exploding after launch.

The booster from the Long March 3B rocket fell near buildings in Guangxi, southwest China on Friday, according to reports.

The incident is not a rare occurrence in the region as it's been reportedly declared as a designated drop zone for debris from rocket launches.

In other countries, rockets tend to shoot out over the sea, while in China launches pass over land.

Speaking to The Vergeabout the crash, China spaceflight programme expert Andrew Jones said some towns or areas in the region are evacuated during launches. He added:

Back in the Cold War, they [China] had very high tensions with the Soviet Union and also the United States was considering a preemptive strike against China’s nascent nuclear weapons capabilities.

It was really to keep them away from the coast to keep them from being targeted.

The rocket took off on Friday at 7:18 pm local time from Xichang Satellite Launch Centre and successfully carried two satellites into orbit, according to a statement from China aerospace officials.

Onlookers were evidently ready with their smartphones, capturing the dramatic moment and sharing it social media.

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