Skittles has released a rotten zombie flavour for Halloween
Skittles has released a rotten zombie flavour for Halloween
Mars, Incorporated

With Halloween quickly approaching, candy companies are already hard at work creating their latest themed sugary treats.

But while most Halloween-inspired confectioneries are shaped as bats or pumpkins, possibly tinged green, Mars Inc has decided to go in an entirely new direction and make their 31 October treat taste disgusting.

In honour of Halloween, the company has launched Zombie Skittles, a limited-edition packet of six Skittle flavours - five of which taste like fruit and one flavour described by the brand as “utterly disgusting”.

If that weren’t unappetising enough, Skittles has also decided to make the candies indistinguishable, meaning you won’t know you’ve popped a rotten zombie flavour one in your mouth until you bite down on the “repulsive taste”.

The worst part? The company says “every palate will perceive the taste differently, but everyone will know it’s ‘rotten’ when they get it”.

Interestingly, descriptions of "repulsive" and "disgusting" haven't been enough to turn people off the candy, as news of the launch has been with excitement on social media, where people are excited to try the gross Skittles.

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