Trump's lawyer ridiculed for 'disgraceful' rant about Mickey Mouse and JFK in bizarre court hearing

Trump's lawyer ridiculed for 'disgraceful' rant about Mickey Mouse and JFK in bizarre court hearing
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Rudy Giuliani ranted about JFK and Mickey Mouse while attempting to challenge the US presidential election's outcome in court.

The former New York mayor and Trump's personal lawyer abandoned his campaign's previous legal strategy to instead indulge in baseless conspiracy theories.

He began the hearing in Williamsport, Pennsylvania by asking Judge Matthew Brann if he could take his mask off.

Echoing Trump, he then launched into an attack of mail-in ballots.

It’s widespread, nationwide voter fraud. ... This is not an accident. You’d have to be a fool to think this is an accident.

You’d have to be a fool to think that somebody woke up Philadelphia, and in Pittsburgh, and in Milwaukee, and in Detroit, and in Phoenix, and all the way in Las Vegas, and way back in Atlanta, and said ‘I’m going to shut out all the Republicans today'.

While trying to back this up, Giuliani cited historical claims that Chicago mayor Richard Daley 'stole' Illinois in 1960 to help elect John F. Kennedy.

Republicans have repeatedly pointed to this case as 'evidence' that an election can be rigged, but it is based on several myths.

Giuliani also appeared deeply unclear on how many ballots he was actually trying to claim were cast illegally in Pennsylvania. He variously suggested that it could be 680,000, 770,000 or 1.2 million.

At one point he said:

As far as we're concerned, your honour, those ballots could've been from Mickey Mouse.

Another memorable moment came when Giulani admitted that he didn't know what the word 'opacity' meant, despite it appearing in his own legal filings. He said:

I'm not sure what opacity means. It probably means you can see. 

It's a big word, your honour. 

He also appeared unclear on "strict scrutiny", a basic part of American constitutional law.

Under questioning, Giulani said that the Trump campaign did not "plead fraud with particularity" – that is to say, they can't point to any particular instance of fraudulent voting, despite having claimed it was "widespread" and "nationwide".

Giulani also admitted to having voted by mail himself in the past.

His "bizarre" performance sparked ridiculed.

And baffled people watching the drama unfold.

Why did he keep talking about binoculars and telescopes?

An opposing lawyer deemed Giuliani's arguments "disgraceful".

The judge ended the hearing by giving both teams time to file more paperwork before he decides whether or not to dismiss the case.

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