Before and after photos show how Russian bombardment changed the face of Kyiv

Kyiv mayor vows 'patriotic' fight as Russia pummels Ukrainian cities

It's barely been a week since Russia invaded Ukraine, but from the images coming out of the capital, Kyiv, it sometimes looks as though the bombing has been going on for weeks.

Destroyed buildings, torched parks, disheveled streets, cars, and more have left the world crying for the people of Ukraine. Citizens began evacuating major cities like Kharkiv when the invasion began last Wednesday night to avoid bloodshed but for those who have stayed, danger lies ahead.

Russia has not captured Kyiv thus far, but troops are closing in. The before and after photos depict a grim reality for people in the city.

In 2020, Kyiv City Hall hung the Belarusian flag over the doors to stand in solidarity with the country amid their presidential election.

Kyiv City Hall in 2020Getty Images

But now, Kyiv City Hall has been rocked by damage from fighting.

Kyiv City Hall destroyed Getty Images

The streets of Kyiv in 2019, busy with cars and foot traffic

The streets of Kyiv, Ukraine in 2019 Getty Images

The streets of Kyiv on Tuesday this week. A crashed car was left abandoned.

A car crashed in Kyiv, Ukraine after stoplights stopped working Getty Images

Independence Square in February, flags were flown in a celebration of unity

Independence Square in February as a celebration of unity Getty Images

Independence Square on March 1st. Soldiers created sand barriers in the hopes to slow down Russian troops should they invade the capital

Independence Square preparing for Russian troops by building sand barriers Getty Images

The Dormition Cathedral in 2018, once a popular tourist destination

A woman walks past the Dormition Cathedral in 2018 Getty Images

Emergency vehicles wail past the Dormition Cathedral on Wednesday

Emergency vehicles wail past the Dormition Cathedral on Wednesday Getty Images

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Russia's invasion of Ukraine has changed the entire feeling of Kyiv. Once a beautiful city filled with lights, people, and green space now has turned into the site of a war.

The Ukrainian Security Service building in 2014

the Ukrainian Security Service building photographed in 2014 Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Ukrainian Security Service building complex was a smoldering wreck

the building housing the Ukrainian Security Service, set fire by bombs on Wednesday Getty Images

Kyiv in 2016

the city of Kyiv in 2016 iStock

Kyiv in 2022

The empty streets of Kyiv after a curfew was imposed Getty Images

A young child photographed watching bubbles in a park in Kyiv in 2018

A young girl excitedly watches bubbles in a Kyiv park in 2018 Getty Images

A child sitting in a metro station being used as a bunker

A young boy sits in a metro used as a bunker on Monday Getty Images

People walking near Maidan Nezalezhnosti from 2018

A photo of people near Maidan Nezalezhnosti from 2018 Getty Images

Ukrainian armed forces near Maidan Nezalezhnosti on Wednesday

Ukrainian armed forces near Maidan Nezalezhnosti on Wednesday Getty Images

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