Outrage as couple post 'reckless' photo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiating their wedding

Outrage as couple post 'reckless' photo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiating their wedding
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Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiated at a wedding in the middle of a pandemic. Without a mask.

A photo of the 87-year-old – who has survived cancer five times – sparked outrage online.

People are "furious" with Bader Ginsberg for "putting her health at risk".

But Bader Ginsburg has never allowed ill health to stand in her way. She famously didn't miss a single day at the bar while undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer in 1999.

And when she began chemotherapy again for liver cancer in May this year – having most recently been declared cancer-free in January – she said she intended to continue on with her job at "full steam".

While her drive might be admirable, Bader Ginsburg has been criticised for being "reckless". Coronavirus has been known to spread at weddings, which aren't exactly a key part of her job.

Bader Ginsburg's health is extremely important.

She is one of the strongest liberal voices on the Supreme Court, and has spent her legal career advocating for gender equality and women's rights.

Since the sitting president appoints new Supreme Court justices, Trump would name her successor if she became incapacitated. Trump has so far appointed two new justices: Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

So it's safe to say that American liberals want justices like Bader Ginsburg, who were nominated by Democrat presidents, to stick around.

There are concerns that if Trump remains in office for a second term and is able to replace more Democrat-appointed justices, his administration may be able to overturn landmark rulings like Roe v. Wade, which guarantees American people access to abortion.

A spokesperson for the Supreme Court confirmed that Bader Ginsburg officiated at the wedding over the weekend.

Some Twitter users questioned the photo's authenticity, but court spokesperson Kathy Arberg confirmed that it's real.

She added that the bride, Barb Solish, and groom, Danny Kazin are Bader Ginsburg's family friends. Solish works at the National Alliance on Mental Illness, while her husband works for the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee.

Solish defended her photo by tweeting "don't worry, we tested negative!".

But people weren't exactly reassured.

Bader Ginsberg has not yet been declared free from her liver cancer, and her continuation as a Supreme Court justice is of supreme importance.

It seems wise for her not to take any chances.

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