Sam Neill and his pet pig do yoga together – and the internet loves it

Sam Neill and his pet pig do yoga together – and the internet loves it

Have you ever wondered what Sam Neill is up to these days?

Okay, you probably haven’t. But you need to change that right now.

It turns out the Jurassic Park star has been living his best life with his pet pig.

Neill and his pig do yoga every morning, taking turns to “coach” each other, and they have pictures to prove it.

In fact, Neill and his pig, who’s called Angelica, have a very public friendship on social media.

Here they are singing together last week:

Here’s Sam teaching Angelica some basic English:

And here they are taking a selfie together:

Sometimes, Neill has to go away for weeks at a time – he’s still a film star after all – and that upsets Angelica…

As you can see, I’m now fully invested in this friendship.

And so is everyone else.

Apparently, this is just a normal day at the office if you’ve been paying attention to Sam’s updates.

Neill has more animals than just one pig as well, including a cow named after Helena Bonham Carter, a chicken called Rose Byrne and a duck called Charlie Pickering.

He also owns and runs a winery called Two Paddocks, which probably explains a lot of what’s going on here.

We should all aspire to live a simple life like Sam and his pig.

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