There are few things more embarrassing than when your parents make a fuss of you in public.

Ruffling your hair, praising you on social media or telling you to straighten your clothes is endearing, but so not cool.

Fortunately, those occasions become less frequent as we get older - and you'd hope that by the time you are 49 they are practically non-existent.

That isn't the case with the father of Hollywood actor Sam Rockwell, who expressed his love and admiration for his son in a very public internet forum.

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As you may know, Rockwell is currently making headlines for his performance in the movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

The 49-year-old American has already a Golden Globe and SAG Award for Best Supporting Actor and is also nominated for a BAFTA. He may get an Oscar nomination too.

As with any big awards movie, there is always a wave of debate and analysis of the key elements of the movie and it's no different here.

A New York Times piece by Wesley Morris titled "Does 'Three Billboards' Say Anything About America? Well..." has garnered a lot of attention in the past few days.

It has become a source of Internet fame as Rockwell's Dad, Pete Rockwell (who is also an actor), commented on the essay and expressed his love for the film and his son.

It's just adorable.

Picture:Picture: New York Times

When people noticed who had written the comment, they couldn't get enough of it and began replying with praise for Pete's son and the movie.

The comment has since gone viral on Twitter and Reddit and everyone agrees that it is just lovely.

So, next time someone tells you "don't read the comments", remember that's where gems like this are found.

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