Russia Today reporter deactivates Twitter account after sharing pro-Stalin memes

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Sharing memes on Twitter is fun, but not all memes should be shared. And especially not ones that make light of totalitarian regimes and their violent methods.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what Russia Today reporter Sameera Khan did a few days ago when she shared a meme about Stalin and his gulags.

Now, we know that Russia Today is a pro-Russian broadcaster, but even promoting Stalinism as something worth chuckling about isn't a great look. Especially when referencing his ruthless prison system.

The now-deleted tweets (Kahn has also gone as far to delete her entire account) listed the many 'perks' of spending a few weeks in a gulag while also including the line 'capitalists fooled you...'

Kahn, who is based in Washington DC, obviously shared this without irony or any research, as she later chose to delete the tweet citing the reason as they were "inaccurate."

She wrote:

I have just found out that the memes I share re: Stalin's gulags were inaccurate.

My apologies to all those who were offended.

She later added:

I also in no way intended to make light of the tragic mass persecutions they (sic) took place under the Stalin regime and I again apologise for sharing this misleading and offensive information.

As you can imagine, this caused some outrage on Twitter, with many people using this timeless Dril tweet about ISIL as an example of where Khan had gone wrong.

Others chose to point out how fundamentally insensitive and thoughtless her tweets were.

Although she has deactivated her account, there were calls to remove her from the social media site.

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